Month: March 2018

Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

IBM Evolution: Big Blue Is Finally Getting Serious About Cryptocurrency

IBM is breaking from enterprise blockchain norms by publicly working with cryptocurrencies in a wide range of projects. Source link

Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Crypto Taxes

There’s a lot of information to process, but ignoring it can be hazardous. The IRS is going to come after investors who are not reporting their gains. Source link

Report: Kazakhstan's Central Bank Wants to Ban Cryptocurrencies

The chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan told Sputnik News it is seeking an all-encompassing ban on cryptocurrency exchanges and mining. Source link

Does the IRS Get a Cut of Bitcoin Cash?

The tax treatment of hard forks in the U.S. is uncertain and the IRS should issue guidance addressing such issues, says a legal expert. Source link

AirAsia Planning Cryptocurrency-Based Rewards Program

The Malaysian discount airline plans to use its proprietary BigCoin token to facilitate transactions and act as a frequent-flyer rewards program. Source link

Chile's State-Owned Bank Cutting Ties with Crypto Exchanges

Chile’s public bank will terminate the accounts of three cryptocurrency exchange clients within 10 days, according to a local news report. Source link

Ledger Nano S Setup Guide (Configuration + App Installation)

You’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Ledger Nano S. Nice job! Storing your cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet is much more secure than using an online wallet or, god forbid, keeping them on an exchange. And, if you’re confused on how to start, we’re here to help you out with your…
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Riot Blockchain Acquires Futures Brokerage After Crypto Pivot

Riot Blockchain announced it would “investigate” creating a crypto exchange and futures product after acquiring a registered brokerage. Source link

Cisco Imagines Group Chats on a Blockchain in Patent Filing

A Cisco patent application describes how a blockchain could let people form groups on the fly to share files and other data while tracking membership. Source link

Telegram Doubles Amount Raised in ICO to $1.7 Billion

Messaging app provider Telegram has raised a second $850 million in its ongoing token sale, according to a new filing with the SEC. Source link

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