Month: March 2018

Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

ICO Review: OPEN Platform

ICO Review: OPEN Platform OPEN is offering¬†the first blockchain payments infrastructure for applications. This infrastructure allows applications to handle onchain transactions and update off-chain data tables. Open Platform claims to empower application developers to use blockchain in languages they are comfortable. Developers can build in any language they are comfortable with using OPEN API. ¬†Any…
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Three Definitions of Tokenomics

The crypto revolution may be happening in real time, but that doesn’t mean that definitions, while not final, can shape our understanding today. Source link

The New Ways to Save Crypto from a Post-Quantum World

However distant it may seem, powerful quantum computers have the potential to ruin cryptocurrency, and developers are already devising solutions. Source link

Crypto Escapes Scrutiny at Annual China Investor Event

Cryptocurrencies were not brought up for criticism at an annual Chinese consumer protection event, despite rumors to the effect. Source link

Bitcoin May See Relief Rally, But Bottom Still Elusive

Bitcoin may see a corrective rally following losses this week, but it still looks too early to call a bottom. Source link

Airdrop Attack? Monero Fork Condemned as Privacy Threat

Giving away free money isn’t as simple as it sounds in crypto. In fact, an upcoming plan to do just that is being labeled an attack by some. Source link

Lithuanian Central Bank Seeks Developers for Blockchain Sandbox

The Bank of Lithuania has called for developer proposals to kick off its service-based blockchain platform called LBChain. Source link

Security Settles on Ethereum in Blockchain Post-Trade First

A structured note is being issued on the ethereum blockchain, with an identical one settled on a traditional clearing house to test the cost savings. Source link

Peter Thiel: Bitcoin Will Be the 'One Online Equivalent to Gold'

The co-founder of PayPal says there will be only one online equivalent to gold, and bitcoin, as the ‘biggest’ cryptocurrency, will triumph. Source link

Kodak Could Earn $5 Million for ICO Brand Licensing Deal

Kodak licensed its brand out to WENN Digital for the KODAKCoin token, which could net the onetime photography giant between $2 and $5 million. Source link

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