Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

Experimental Voting Effort Aims to Break Ethereum Governance Gridlock

Vitalik Buterin has suggested experimenting with quadratic voting, a governance model furthered by Dr. Glen Weyl, on the ethereum platform. Source link

Rural Banks Tap Kaleido Blockchain for Faster Transactions in the Philippines

Rural banks in the Philippines are looking to adopt ConsenSys’ Kaleido blockchain platform in bid to boost financial inclusion. Source link

India Considers New Tax on Cryptocurrency Trades

India could soon impose goods and services tax (GST) on many digital currency transactions, a report indicates. Source link

Best Online Courses and Learning Practices for Blockchain Developer Training

The role of blockchain developer has quickly become one of the most lucrative tech positions on the job market. Only a few years ago, the concept of blockchain technology was mostly theoretical and open to mainly to PhDs in fields like computer science and cryptography. Now, however, online courses for blockchain developer training make this an…
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Singapore Proposes Regulatory Boost for Decentralized Exchanges

Singapore’s central bank is proposing a change to existing exchange market rules aimed to ease blockchain adoption and decentralization. Source link

Bitcoin Closing on Long-Term Bear Indicator Not Seen Since 2014

Following bitcoin’s recent losses, a key long-term trend indicator is looking increasingly bearish. Notably, the five-month moving average (MA) has rolled over in favor of the bears and looks set to cut the 10-month MA from above – a bearish crossover that hasn’t been seen since June 2014. If that occurs it could be a…
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Publish My Essay Cardstock In My Situation

Publish My Essay Cardstock In My Situation Crafting Essays – Achieving The Needs You Have Recently, we have now been finding lots of college students who are not able to fulfill the requirements of elaborate essay crafting duties they get every single day as an element of their program perform. We certainly have frequently discover…
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Monero's Lead Developer Is Helping Launch a Crypto Trading Protocol

Monero dev Riccardo Spagni and entrepreneurs Naveen Jain and Dan Teree are launching a new digital asset protocol on the privacy token’s network. Source link

Huobi Pro Launches New Crypto Market Index

Huobi Pro has announced the launch of a market index to measure the overall performance of 10 digital assets on its platform. Source link

Bitcoin Price Falls to 35-Day Low Below $8K

Bitcoin’s price is slipping below $8,000 again, reaching its 35-day low within just an hour since the trading entered Wednesday morning session. Source link

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