Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

Meet the 'Sovereign': Marshall Islands Government to Issue Crypto Token

The tiny Republic of the Marshall Islands plans to sell a cryptocurrency, known as the Sovereign, to supplement the U.S. dollar as its legal tender. Source link

AriseBank ICO Fraud Case May Ensnare Additional Parties

A court filing indicates that the SEC-appointed receiver for AriseBank is searching for undisclosed assets and investigating third-party involvement. Source link

UK Bank HSBC Might Soon Pilot Live Blockchain Payments

Executives from HSBC Bank revealed in a conference call this week they intend to pilot projects for blockchain-based transactions. Source link

Square: Murky Crypto Accounting Rules Pose Risk

In its most recent annual filing, Square explains how uncertainty surrounding accounting guidelines for cryptocurrency may affect its bottom line. Source link

Germany Won't Tax You for Buying a Cup of Coffee With Bitcoin

Unlike the U.S., Germany will regard bitcoin as equivalent to legal tender when used as a means of payment, according to a new government document. Source link

Genesis Trading Launches Crypto Lending Service for Investors

Genesis Global Capital will allow investors to borrow crypto in quantities of $100,000 or more for terms ranging from two weeks to six months. Source link

What is Counterparty (XCP)? | Beginner’s Guide

What is Counterparty? Counterparty is a platform for user-created assets on Bitcoin. It’s a protocol, set of specifications, and an API. Taken together, it allows users to create and trade assets on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain. In this way, Counterparty is similar to platforms like Waves or Ethereum. Of course, the difference is Counterparty integrates directly with…
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Chinese Online Retail Behemoth Launches Blockchain Accelerator is a Chinese retailer with more than 266 million customers and over $100 billion in gross merchandise. Their research and development arm has launched a new accelerator, called AI Catapult, to leverage AI and blockchain. The team will work with select blockchain startups to “test real-world applications of their technologies at scale.”…
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bitFlyer’s Hailey Lennon on Entering the US Market as a Bitcoin Exchange

Hailey Lennon, bitFlyer USA Director of Compliance Last week, Coin Central’s Steven Buchko had the pleasure of talking with Hailey Lennon, Director of Compliance at bitFlyer USA. They discussed Hailey’s jump into crypto, the current regulatory landscape, and how she sees regulation evolving over the next few years. bitFlyer is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange.…
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NEO Airdropping ONT Tokens to Community: Here’s How to Get Some

  The NEO Council recently announced its upcoming airdrop of 20 million Ontology (ONT) tokens to NEO holders. We explain how to get some of these “free” coins via the airdrop below, but first, let’s take a quick look at why blockchain enthusiasts are excited about Ontology. What is Ontology (ONT)? Ontology, launched by Onchain,…
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