Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

What is Circle X? Crypto Exchange Will Be More Than Coinbase Challenger

Circle’s big plans for crypto exchange Poloniex after acquisition include bringing cryptocurrencies and tokens of all kinds under one roof. Source link

Customer ID Now Required for Crypto Exchange Purchases in Malaysia

Malaysia’s central bank is now requiring domestic crypto exchanges to comply with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer mandates. Source link

$35 Million Refund? Developer Appeals Ethereum for Hard Fork Hack Reversal

An early ethereum developer is speaking out about why he feels a platform-wide software upgrade should be used to help him recover lost funds. Source link

Twitter Scammers Use Verified Accounts to Trick Crypto Holders

Scammers hoping to steal cryptocurrency are hacking verified Twitter accounts to swindle users. Source link

Chinese Universities Are Pursuing Blockchain Patents

Universities in China are joining the country’s private sector in an effort to patent blockchain solutions, new filings reveal. Source link

Making Peace with a Crypto Axis of Evil

The latest awkward use case for cryptocurrency is funding rogue states led by egotistical dictators. The world may just have to live with this. Source link

Bill Gates' 'Nonsense' Crypto Comments Draw Twitter Ire

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates claimed cryptocurrency “has caused deaths in a fairly direct way.” The crypto community found that very amusing. Source link

What is Monaco Card? | Beginner’s Guide

What is Monaco Card (MCO)? Monaco Card is a Visa-branded debit card that draws from a cryptocurrency-funded bank account. Since it’s a Visa card, you can use your Monaco card just like you would any other card. The card and Monaco bank account are free for holders of cryptocurrency. In order to open an account,…
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Trump Administration Working on 'Comprehensive Strategy' for Crypto

A senior U.S. official said Tuesday that the government is looking into creating a “comprehensive strategy” around cryptocurrencies. Source link

The Telegram ICO: What We Know (And Don't) About 2018's Biggest Token Sale

Encrypted chat app Telegram hasn’t formally announced an initial coin offering, but that isn’t stopping a flurry of information about the deal. Source link

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