How does it work?

Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

Mixing your coins is easy, fast and cheap. The technique has developed a lot since 2009! mixer, simply sends you other people’s crypto, when you send yours to our reserve. This disassociates you from that crypto.

1.- Make sure you create (or already own) at least one destination wallet. We suggest using via TOR to create a new and separate wallet. Other better but more complicated wallets are Electrum over TOR or Samourai wallet. The crypto arriving here should be treated as your completely.

2.- Introduce destination addresses and their amount. Choose what amount do you want to deploy to each address.

3.- Choose the delay. Delay is important because a normal transfer can be tracked down easily by searching for transactions arriving to new addresses with normal delay. If you choose to delay artificially the transaction and split the sending, it will be more difficult to do this.

4.- Choose a fee. The fee is important to. Authority can search for sendings arriving nearly with the same amount that was sent to mixer address.

5.- If happens no to be you first transaction, enter the given code to ensure that the same crypto that you sent, is not returning to you again.

6.- Optionally, you can choose the return time delay, in case of any problems.

7.- At last, send the crypto to the shown address. Download the letter of guarantee and just wait. You can shut down the browser or your computer. is just the bes mixer out there. Search for a better option, we’ll wait here to return.

– No signup
– Mix Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.
– Choose your fee. We only change the transfer fee, if you choose to.
– To achieve the lowest fee of all the mixers, we use segwit addresses with lightning network sends.
– 0,000000 % tainted resulting mixed crypto. Untraceable.
– Split the mixed Crypto in up to ten addresses.
– Send From 0,001 BTC, 0,001 BCH, 1 Litecoin or 1 ETH, with no maximum.
– Antistuck system. Personal Help.
– Mixing code.
– Alternative .onion address, reachable over TOR.

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