What is Mixing?

Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2018

A crypto mixer or tumbler is a service to break the links between your identity and your crypto coins. As you should know, Bitcoin is pseudoanonymous by design, meaning that the wallet you created to purchase the BTC, is linked to your IP address, and thus, if those BTCs are achieved illegally, you can be tracked down. Even if you managed to make your operations using a VPN, TOR or even transferring the crypto to other addresses, that seed, wallets and BTC addresses will be traceable to you eventually.

Some people change their crypto to Monero, for example, to achieve the same. The danger here is that both Changelly and Shapeshift had collaborate with authority. They don’t need your name to track you down. And…btw, they are more expensive than us…

If you purchased your crypto with any kind of exchange, your IDs, IP address and timestamps, will be stored. All online wallets can collaborate with authority by giving them IPs and times, frequencies of use, etc, to profile and seek you. The northamerican Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could find interesting to know who owns crypto in terms of taxing them eventually, don’t you think?

The mixing services we provide, just break this link, by receiving a quantity of crypto in our escrow wallets and sending you nearly the same amount of crypto that was already in our escrow. This crypto could belong to us or other users, but by sending you “other” crypto, we manage to unlink your identity from the sent crypto.

The mixing services try to improve BTC traceability. Even if you didn’t obtain your BTCs illegally, Kudando.com enables the users of crypto to seek and feel Satoshi’s freedom vision, fulfilling the potential of personal banking system, without the government surveillance. Banking the unbanked with no need of a bank.

Kudando.com just provides a solution for this.

– No signup
– Mix Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.
– Choose your fee. We only change the transfer fee, if you choose to.
– To achieve the lowest fee of all the mixers, we use segwit addresses with lightning network sends.
– 0,000000 % tainted resulting mixed crypto. Untraceable.
– Split the mixed Crypto in up to ten addresses.
– Send From 0,001 BTC, 0,001 BCH, 1 Litecoin or 1 ETH, with no maximum.
– Antistuck system. Personal Help.
– Mixing code.
– Alternative .onion address, reachable over TOR.

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